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Country Style Bacon

Our country style bacon is fully cooked and smoked. We're sure you don't need a description from us to imagine the sound of it sizzling in your pan, its rich, tantalizing aroma wafting through your kitchen, the first delicious bite - - we would continue, but we're getting too hungry...

Sustainably raised

Our animals have access to fresh air, sunshine and filtered water. They are free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics or medication of any kind.

Hand processed

We process our product by hand, right on our farm. It's important for many reasons - animals don't like to travel long distances and we always ensure processing is pain free and ethical.

Family run

We have 260 acres of land that has been family owned and operated since 2011. Having control of the product from the very beginning ensures first class production, not mass production.

Country Style Bacon